We sell firewood, year round

$80 per face cord, pick up only

$20 per wheelbarrow

Come sample our raw honey:

Eastern Market-Satudays

Northville Farmers Market-Thursdays

Bloomfield Hills Farmers Market-Sundays

Brightmoor Artisans Cafe M-F

Sunnyside Farms began in 2013 out of a personal health crisis that resulted in a strong desire to access real food (NOT industralized food-like products) and nutrition.  We occupy 4 acres of fertile soil surrounding the Rouge River, near Telegraph and Fenkell/5 mile.  We are growing out of a 100 year old farm house.

We are part of The Brightmoor Farmway, a local permaculture centric neighborhood. 

We do NOT use any GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides of any type. 

We work to keep our soil healthy by rotating crops, using compost and chicken poop, and respecting natural patterns.  We weed by hand and with tools, NEVER with chemicals.  Come visit us to see our growing techniques.

Sunnyside Farms

Our Lacto-fermented goods are available in farmers markets and grocery stores around Metro Detroit.

Farmers Market Prices for Kraut:

16oz Jar  $9

32oz Jar $11


We are currently processing our veggies at the Brightmoor Artisans Community Kitchen, on Fenkell and West Parkway.  Our goal is to create real food and liveable wage jobs that are accessible to any hard-working neighbor.  Every product you purchase from us supports this goal!

Thank you for your support!