We sell eggs, as available.  Our hens free-range daily over the space of a few acres.  Their eggs test very high in vitamin D levels.

One of our customers was on  her 3rd pregnancy and buying eggs from us weekly.  The Dr. said her Vitamin D levels were the healthiest he's seen in years and the best she's ever had.  Our customer gives the credit to Sunnyside

Farms' eggs and we get to tell the story.

We believe a hen's diet makes a HUGE difference in the flavor and nutritional content of eggs.

Welcome to our social rebellion, organic urban farming.
Our goal is to provide quality farm goods and liveable wage jobs.

We believe community supported urban farms can provide a viable option to feed our families, while avoiding GMOs and toxic chemicals.

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 We also offer working farm tours for school groups and love to host volunteer groups, also.  Contact us to come grow together.

We are constantly growing in new directions.  In 2017 we received a grant from the USDA enabling us to create Sauerkraut, Pickles and Pickled Garlic Scapes via Lacto-Fermentation.

Starting in July 2017, we will be selling weekly at The Royal Oak Farmers Market, come find us and stop by to say hi.

Sunnyside Farms

We sell raw honey, honey comb and beeswax, as available.   People use our honey for help with allergies and as a kitchen staple.  After experiencing it ourselves, we believe raw, local honey has unbeatable flavor and health benefits. 

We also teach beekeeping classes starting in late Spring, contact us for more info.